Why are we doing?

Professionals, especially in today’s world are generally well skilled technically but lack innovative skills. On the other hand, employers are expecting new business lines to be developed that demand lots of innovation and intrapreneurial skills from these professionals. As for entrepreneurs they have to depend on an even smaller team to deliver innovations. While students, who are potential employees, are not taught innovation and intrapreneurship skills, it’s also true for currently employed professionals as they are also not trained in innovation and intrapreneurial skills leave alone innovation management skills. In either case, since they are neither trained in innovation skills nor in intrapreneurial skills, they fall short of expectations and results. And this leads to lower performance and higher frustration for individuals, managers and organisations. This can make or break organisations as they lose out on critical growth opportunities based on innovation. So we engage, as practitioners and offer several, pointed interventions. Our research based model combined with practical experience is just perfect to engage professionals who can start applying the same with immediate effect. Our workshops for example are filled with practical case studies and assignments, to boost the confidence and effective innovation.

What we offer?


a. Periodic,in-company sessions

b. Coaching the development teams or identified Innovation champions for focused innovation and intrapreneurship


a. Innovation process for R&D, NPD team

b. Innovation process for employees across the firm

c. Crowd-sourcing of idea generation


a. Work as virtual members of development teams under NDA

b. Maximum involvement, Maximum results

c. IP/Patents is the output


a. Practical, hands-on workshop

b. Details of the workshop contents and plan are below


a. Job description and profiling of Innovators and Intrapreneurs

b. Innovator and Intrapreneur assessment and development

c. Career planning, Reward & Recognition of Innovator and Intrapreneurs

Customer Case Study

Case Study :

Who we are?

Mr Sudeendra Koushik in an Engineering Graduate (BE E&C) with Master of Business Administration(MBA) and Post-graduation in Management (IIM-K). Koushik is finishing his research based PhD in the field of Innovation. Mr Koushik has been a practicing Innovator throughout his career of 24 years, with more than 15 national and international patents in various stages. Koushik is passionate about innovation and has served in Philips Global Development Center, Singapore, Philips Advanced Systems Laboratory and Philips Innovation Center Eindhoven, in The Netherlands and Philips Innovation Center, India. He also worked in HCL as Practice Director Innovation, India and was Vice-President and Head, Innovation at TTK prestige. Mr Koushik has published several research papers and has conducted numerous workshops on Innovation. Koushik has been the recipient of Karnataka State Innovation Council Award, HCL excellence award for Patents, India Design mark Award from India Design Council and Sir M Viswesvaraya Engineer Award. Koushik is a regular speaker at MIT Emerging Technology Conference, PMI, IEEE, TiE, IIT- Madras, IIT-Gandhinagar, CII, and has written articles for Frost & Sullivan, Deccan Herald etc. Koushik also serves as Vice-Chairman of the IEEE Bangalore section and Co-Chair of Innovation Committee of IEEE Asia-Pacific.

Ms Pragya Dixit is a highly successful serial Entrepreneur, Educationist and noted speaker. Prior to and in-between her entrepreneurship career, she also worked as a professor in entrepreneurship. She has been a successful serial entrepreneur in various areas including special education delivery, personalized jewelry and luxury services. She also is vivid debater and a sportsperson and has represented her college and state in various forums. She is a well-known speaker in various forums including IEEE, PMI, IEEE Women in engineering etc. She is now pursuing her PhD in Intrapreneurship. She is keen to share her knowledge, successes and the lessons learnt with potential Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs.

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